Maite Usoz de la Fuente

Maite Usoz de la Fuente is a PhD candidate at King’s College London. She received an MA in European Culture and Theory from Royal Holloway College, and a Licenciatura (equivalent to BA) in German and French at Universidad del País Vasco (Spain).  Maite has previously worked as a researcher and journalist for the BBC in the UK and for Grupo Prisa in Spain. Since 2008, she has also worked as a freelance translator and editor. Her thesis undertakes a comparative analysis of Spanish magazine La Luna de Madrid (1983-1988), widely considered the key organ of expression of the 1980s Spanish urban youth movement known as la movida, with the aim of uncovering the connections between La Luna (and, more broadly, la movida) and previous avant-garde movements such as Pop Art, Situationism, surrealism and Dada. For more information on her work and interests see here.